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Wine Etiquette Class

Enjoyable class that is customizable for any amount time

Created by Rebecca Black and taught by the team of The Polite One, previously known as Etiquette Now!

Class is customizable!  Could be presented as a five-part course.

Suggested Components

Tasting Wine

  • Tasting: procedure
  • Glass: style and reasons behind choice; holding the glass
  • Looking, smelling, and tasting
  • Simple Rules: the order in which we taste
  • Resources
  • Aroma wheel

Sparkling Wines and Champagnes

  • Sparkling wine vs. Champagne
  • Styles
  • Glasses
  • Tasting—more during Respect for the Bottle

Respect for the Bottle

  • Storage
  • Serving
  • Opening
  • Tasting sparkling wine for those classes in which we taste

Dining Out

  • Activity: choosing a wine
  • Ordering, receiving the wine, the pour and what to do with the cork
  • When to send it back and when you may not
  • Cork in the glass, holding the glass, and toasting
  • Bringing a bottle


  • Discussion: design a menu
  • Rules
  • Activity: matching food and wine
  • Gift bottle
  • Avoiding over-indulgences and amount to serve
  • When you’re the guest

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Wine Etiquette Book

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