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The Polite One

Etiquette Books for Teens & Children

Reaching Your Potential

Societal Rage

Dining Etiquette

Electronic Etiquette

Etiquette for the Important Events in Our Lives

Etiquette for the Socially Savvy Teen

Workplace Etiquette

Sushi Etiquette

Cultural Awareness

How To Dress For All Occasions

Golf Etiquette

How to Tea–British Tea Times

Prom Etiquette

Dating Etiquette: Just For Teens

Organizational Skills For Teens

You could be THE teacher/trainer of Etiquette Now!  Please ask us how.

Etiquette Books for Teens & Children

Written by Etiquette Expert Rebecca Black, The Polite One

Etiquette books for all situations.

Visit Rebecca’s Amazon Author’s Page

All Books Are Available on Amazon and in Larger Bookstores

Teen Etiquette

Etiquette Books for Adults

Fiction Books

Etiquette Lesson Plans