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"The Modern Royal Wedding, Kate Middleton and Prince Willam's wedding”

by Jessica Booth of Hollywood Life--magazine article

Since this is a royal wedding, in your opinion, do you think they should be more traditional, like Diana?

Do I think they should pattern their wedding on those of the past? I'm wishy-washy on this one too. They should be able to work more of what they want into their wedding. It is their wedding after all. But, there are ways they can do this and still honor their people. They have changed up the ceremony. This isn't a problem, no etiquette breach and who does it hurt? This seems fine. But, they should consider all aspects of their wedding and decide if ignoring tradition would hurt others. Some of it has--not positive.

So, do I think this looks bad on their part?

Yes and no. They should be able to make their wedding more about them than others have in the past. After all, we do change and evolve. But, this is a "royal wedding", so they should remember that he, and soon they, has responsibilities to the people. It can't just be all about them.

Do I think it will disappoint some people because it's not traditional?  Some of it will, most likely, be disappointing to the people. Sharing their wedding (the ride in the carriage) could be viewed as part of the couple's responsibility to the people. The people pay taxes for some of the wedding costs, security anyway. So, they should get to see some of the "show".

How do I think it makes them look to do something more modern?

All in all, I don't think it makes them look too bad, actually. They've used Twitter, which isn't negative. Adopting more of a modern or personalized ceremony isn't a negative either. However, some traditions for those who represent a certain public face should hold. They should follow the standard protocol their people expect. That is part of being socially savvy.

Bottom line: we should all make our decisions considering how it will affect others. If they do this, it doesn't matter if their wedding is modern. However, it appears that they may need to do a bit more thinking about their plans. Just my opinion.

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