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The Polite One

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Visit our The Polite Traveler Blog for an enjoyable read.

Visit our Got Etiquette Advice Blog for answers to your etiquette questions!

Suggested Courses

3 day: You wish to teach a very limited age range or very few subjects.  

4 day: You wish to teach only children or adults.  

*5 day: You wish to teach all ages and subjects.  

Every session includes a tea, a meal, or both.  

Skills of a Dynamic Presenter is included with each course.

Sample outline of 4 day course.

Sample outline of 5 day course.  

Details & Description of Our School

Course Descriptions

On completion of your course you will feel confident to teach and present your own etiquette presentations.  

Students may contact us any time with any questions and/or advice.  

Intense hands-on, private sessions of no more than two student-teachers per course.  

Each teacher will receive the customized program he or she requires and requests and depending on the course length, could receive:

A copy of an excellent etiquette book

Free lesson plan (s)

A certificate of completion.  

Please read Etiquette Now! School of Protocol page for more information.

Etiquette Now! School of Protocol

Etiquette Teacher Training Program

Each session is customized for each teacher's specific requirements.  

Participants are able to teach an etiquette class upon completion of the course.  

We teach etiquette teachers!  We want you to be successful!

Created by Rebecca Black and taught by the team of The Polite One, previously known as Etiquette Now!

Etiquette Teacher Training

You can be this teacher!

We have retired & are searching for our replacement.  It could be you!