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Visit our The Polite Traveler Blog for an enjoyable read.

Visit our Got Etiquette Advice Blog for answers to your etiquette questions!

When you contact us with your request for a course we will design one for you, forward you an outline of what we think your course should include based on your preferences, and allow you to make changes to the course based on your specific needs.  Once you have approved a course and a date(s), and remitted a deposit, we will schedule you.  

Thank you for considering Etiquette Now! School of Protocol for your educational needs.

Etiquette Now! School of Protocol offers customized courses for all who wish to become etiquette teachers.


Our California credentialed teacher  will teach you to present etiquette workshops, classes, and courses by intense hands-on lessons. You choose the areas you wish to teach and we will craft a course custom tailored for you using our existing workshops.  

Please read: Course Length

The instructor fully explains technique continuously throughout the session, including tips for being a skillful presenter and effective etiquette teacher.  

Etiquette Now! School of Protocol

What You Can Expect from our School

We have retired & are searching for our replacement.  It could be you!

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