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Assistant Superintendents Discover What It Takes to Become Big Enchilada

 By: Thomas Skernivitz  Golfdom Insider

My partner and I were invited to present a couple of etiquette workshops for the Assistant Superintendent Boot Camp hosted by the Northern California Golf Association in Pacific Grove, Calif.  What follows is just an excerpt of what Mr. Skernivitz wrote about us.  

“…That might rub Rebecca Black the wrong way — if, of course, she had an unruly bone in her body. The etiquette specialist put on a two-part presentation that had just about every attendee wondering if he or she wasn't third-generation Java Man. “

“At dinner, in-between her sessions, Black walked from table to table, watchful as to whether her advice was sticking like the sludge. Meanwhile, we the eaters couldn't have been more nervous and meticulous in our every move had we been trying to defuse a bomb.”

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