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The Polite One

Designed and presented custom etiquette workshops for the individual and institutions with clients such as Kaiser, California Association of Hospitals and Health Systems and Noah’s Bagels. Please see our Client List.

Internationally recognized etiquette expert based in Davis, CA.

The Polite One Team

The team of The Polite One, formally  Etiquette Now!, designs and presents custom etiquette workshops for the individual, governmental, educational client and cruise Lines.  

Good manners are the key to opening doors of opportunity.

Rebecca Black, the Polite One,  is a credentialed teacher, author, etiquette specialist/teacher/consultant, co-founder and principal of Etiquette Now! , now known as The Polite One, with nearly thirty years of experience.

Rebecca is a well-known writer of articles and author of etiquette books, fiction and lesson plans. Rebecca also answers etiquette questions (Q & A ) and offers advice through her articles which are found on our numerous blogs.   Additionally, she is never without a writing project, including adding to our collection of over 50 books!

Her expertise is called upon often by writers for contributions to their projects. She is also a frequent guest on all major and minor networks.

Walker Black is a co-founder and partner in Etiquette Now!.  He is a former management and budget analyst with over twenty-six years experience in local government, and a University of California, Davis and California State University, Sacramento alumnus, having graduated with a BS and an MBA degree.

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Our Future

After 20+ years, Etiquette Now! & Got Etiquette has retired.   

The Polite One will continue to provide classes for specific clients–particularly cruise lines.

Please also find us on all of our many blogs.  

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