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Rebecca Black is...

The Polite One and founder and co-principal of the Etiquette Now! Team.

A California credentialed teacher, etiquette specialist, writer, inspirational speaker and entertaining presenter.

We teach “people skills”.

Got Etiquette? Get Etiquette Now!

Rebecca Black, The Polite One of Got Etiquette presenting a professional presence workshop

We specialize in designing and presenting custom dining etiquette workshops for corporate clients, organizations, and private in-home sessions.

Business Meals

Networking Skills

Mingling Skills

Sushi Etiquette

Dining Etiquette

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We can come to your home--this is a tea party Rebecca Black, the Polite One, of Got Etiquette


Corporate Clients

Non-Profit Organizations

Private Clients

Got Etiquette? Get Etiquette Now!

We are everything etiquette!

Custom tailored etiquette classes, workshops, consultations, books, and lesson plans, for government, corporate, educational, and private clients.

 Wedding Etiquette Classes Book

Lesson Plans

Wedding Planning Etiquette

Wedding Planning Advice, Q & A, Articles, and Videos

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